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AMMIX Lab was created in spring of 2018 for development and production of analytical analyzer of cold properties of diesel fuel. When we started, properly functioning prototype of this device existed. In May of 2018 our engineers started executing assigned task.

In 10 months first batch of analyzers was produced. We named it AMMIX MULTICOOL. Qualification tests were an absolute success. We have achieved high accuracy of the results as well as reliability of apparatus functional parts. Basing on the obtained results we decided to increase warranty period and make our product affordable for wide range of laboratories and companies. We offer 4 modifications of AMMIX MULTICOOL, starting from Basic version with 2 year warranty up to Expert version with extended 3 year warranty.

We aim at wide market penetration. We also offer to our future clients testing of AMMIX MULTICOOL versions prior to purchasing it. Therefore, seminars in labs of our collaborators will be organized.

If you are interested in cooperating with us you are very welcome!

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